making a move

okay, i know it's been YEARS since i posted last, but those years have been full. full of new people, new jobs, new classrooms, and a marriage. also, there was a move. i moved to idaho with my new husband, rob.

i really enjoy it out here, but it sure is not a coastal town (which comes in handy with Hurricane Irene approaching in earnest). it's okay though, because there's a river, as well as a gorgeous mountain view from anywhere we're standing. i'll take it.

i do miss my partner in crime--my sister from a different mister--kathy jo. one of the two blue-eyed girls. she's been working her backside off these days as an incredibly talented and design-savvy wedding planner and coordinator. holy cow, she's fabulous.

so today, with a lot more time on my hands along with a bucketful of ideas from KJ, we're making a move with this blog once again. maybe she'll post some wedding visions and views for us and i'll be putting on some fun things to see. i've been getting loads of ideas and getting a little nerve to try them. we'll post as material comes about. as we work, we'll connect the Right Coast to the Wild West. can't wait to see what happens!

stay tuned.